The Divorce Party Handbook

The Divorce Party Handbook: How to throw an unforgettable Divorce Party when “Divorce Do Us Part” by Christine Gallagher

Some people consider divorce an experience worse than death. Until recently, divorce was the only major life event with no meaningful ceremony to help people through this big life change. In the last decade a new trend, the Divorce Party, has emerged, providing a much-needed ritual where family and friends can gather to mark the end of a marriage and the start of a new life. The Divorce Party Handbook guides the reader through the planning and execution of an unforgettable Divorce Party. With party themes to fit every taste and budget, this book is packed with fun creative ideas for menus, games, invitations, gifts and entertainment — everything to help make the Divorce Party a momentous occasion. From wild and outrageous blowouts to parties that are more serious in tone, The Divorce Party Handbook provides detailed instructions every step of the way. Capturing the energy of this celebratory ritual, this book will help the newly divorced through the transition to a new life.